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ADHD coaching is designed to explore who you are and bring you closer to your goals. Open yourself up to hope and new possibilities.

ADHD Coaching

What I love about coaching is the discovery it brings to the client. Together, we explore who you are. I'm trained to listen beyond just the words spoken and to ask the powerful questions that offer insight and awareness. If you're feeling stuck, we'll challenge whatever it is that's holding you back, may it be an old belief that is no longer serving you or feelings of being overwhelmed.

For example maybe you're experiencing....

  • A lack of awareness of all the ways ADHD is impacting your life
  • The lack of time management, prioritizing and the ability to make decisions 
  • Difficulty organizing your space and developing living systems that you can maintain 

Together, regardless to what your experiencing, we create strategies to help break through those roadblocks and get you moving toward success. 

I have worked with a broad range of individuals struggling with ADHD, from busy professionals and entrepreneurs to stay-at-home moms and dads to people struggling with major transitions in their lives. Everyone has a different story but they all come to coaching wanting something more. In order to move forward, they understand the commitment, trust the process and are open to possibility. They are willing to do the work that has to be done to see real change in their life. 

My goal as your coach is to help you leverage your ADHD so that you begin living the life you want to live by capitalizing on your own unique strengths.