ADHD Coaching for College Students

ADHD presents a unique challenge for college students. Typical struggles around time management and procrastination, memory, follow-through, and focus are magnified by the intense pressure of daily classes, assignments, and exams.

As scary as going to school can be, it is also a wonderful place to shine if you understand the way your brain works under these new pressures. Many students have never been introduced to the wonderful benefits that come with the ADHD mind. 

My goal as your coach is to help you leverage your ADHD so that you can develop the systems and techniques that are unique to you and support your long-term academic success. 

Here are some of the common areas we'll target through coaching:

  • Build your awareness of ADHD and the role it has in your behavior as we identify personal roadblocks that impact your life
  • Learn to organize your space and schedule around tight deadlines, and build living systems dedicated to nurturing focus and attention
  • Develop systems for effectively managing time, priorities, and objectives, breaking large projects into achievable milestones
  • Develop a practice of mindfulness with attention to emotional and physical care, and cultivate positive social relationships supporting your journey through school

Your successful graduation is just one step in our work together. From there, we'll transition out of higher education as you learn to juggle career choices, the job hunt, the stress of interviews, and making your move into the workforce. 

Executive Functioning and the ADHD Brain

Executive functions are the set of mostly invisible processes that our brains take on that help connect our experience with where we are in time right now. It's our executive functioning skill that allows us to make plans while accurately estimating how long those plans should take, or make quick decisions, change our minds, keep track of time, and so on. It's these tasks that can be impacted by ADHD, tasks that are critically important to school success. As such, much of our work together will involve the short-term accountability and support required to ensure you're meeting deadlines, and you're developing the systems required to integrate successfully into your academic community.