ADHD presents a unique challenge for college students. It takes focus to juggle typical struggles around time management and procrastination, memory, and follow-through. But if you're living with ADHD, these struggles are magnified by the intense pressure of daily classes, assignments, and exams. As scary as going to school can be, it is also a wonderful place to shine if you understand the way your brain works under these new pressures.

Nikki Kinzer of Take Control ADHD

My goal as your coach is to help you develop the systems and techniques that are unique to you to support your long-term academic success. 

“You actually got my butt in gear to be able to start, and actually FINISH, my degree. I could never have done this without you. Your podcasts and your group coaching gave me the belief I needed to know I wasn’t incapable of setting a goal, starting my classes, and completing all of my assignments and exams. You will never know how you changed my life, you planted a seed, that has now fully bloomed.”

Together, we'll build a plan to help you where it matters most

  • We'll organize your space and schedule around tight deadlines, and build living systems and study strategies dedicated to nurturing focus and attention!

  • We'll develop systems for managing your calendar and workload, breaking large projects into achievable milestones, and prioritizing your work so you can get it done!

  • We'll develop a practice of mindfulness even in the flurry of school, with special attention to emotional and physical care!

  • We'll cultivate positive social relationships with study partners, teams, and your teachers, all supporting your journey through school

Your successful graduation is the first step in our work together. From there, we'll transition out of higher education as you learn to juggle career choices, the job hunt, the stress of interviews, and making your move into the workforce. 


Study Break — Executive Functioning and the ADHD Brain

Executive functions are the set of mostly invisible processes that our brains take on that help connect our experience with where we are in time right now. It's our executive functioning skill that allows us to make plans while accurately estimating how long those plans should take, or make quick decisions, change our minds, keep track of time, and so on. It's these tasks that can be impacted by ADHD, tasks that are critically important to school success. As such, much of our work together will involve the short-term accountability and support required to ensure you're meeting deadlines, and you're developing the systems required to integrate successfully into your academic community.
ADHD for College Students Packages

ADHD Coaching for College Students

Process & Packages


Making real progress takes a commitment of time and attention from from both of us. You're coming to coaching with a desire to see change in your life, to overcome obstacles that stand in your way with ADHD, to develop living systems, and you're counting on me to guide you through this process. 

I'm coming to coaching with a desire to see you succeed, to be your accountability partner and guide, to help you break through barriers that have stood in your way for too long and develop the skills that will ensure those barriers never stand before you again. 


Coaching is about a relationship, and I take the commitment to our relationship very seriously.  


My college coaching program begins with a one-time strategy session in which I'll get to know you, define goals and objectives and lay out a plan for our work together. After that session, we'll move to weekly meetings and on-going accountability support. 

ADHD for College Students Pricing

  • Initial Strategy Session to Define Goals and Objectives — $150
  • Monthly Coaching — $400

Between each of our scheduled sessions, you can expect regular contact from me via text and email. I want to know how you're progressing and where you're stuck on implementing changes for the week. I want to know how your ADHD is impacting your workload and help you make quick adjustments to ensure you get everything done without stalling. It's my role to serve as your accountability partner during our time together to keep you moving forward.


What People Are Saying

  • "You played a great role in helping me start and actually FINISH my degree. You gave me the belief I needed to know I wasn’t incapable of setting a goal, starting my classes, and completing all of my assignments, health histories, coaching circles, and exams. You will never know how you changed my life, you planted a seed, that has now fully bloomed. Thank you!"
  • “Nikki is responsible, caring and kind. She does beyond what a ADD coach would do. She cares about each individual and wants to help each person succeed in their academics and overall well-being. She is intuitive, asks the right questions and helps us set goals. She offers advice that students need to hear to support their life in the best way possible.”
  • “Having Nikki as my life coach was great! Some of the biggest takeaways while working with her were to be persistent and celebrate the small successes. A major change I’ve noticed is that I’m now much more organized, both in the way I make and keep track of commitments and in the process of deciding how to utilize my time. I would definitely recommend college coaching with Nikki to others!”