Living in the Present - All We Have Is Today!

Recently I was watching a reality show, The Biggest Loser.  It was the first show of the season and there was a man on the show who was over 500 lbs.  In the gym, you could tell he was struggling.  Bob, one of the trainers, took him outside to talk with him.  As they were talking the gentleman kept talking about how much weight he had to lose.  Finally, Bob said he had to stop talking about how much he had to lose and just focus on today... All he needed to worry about was what he was going to do today!

This was such a powerful statement to me! Think about it for a moment... It's so easy to get overwhelmed by the big picture of where we want to go. When we fall into this trap, we can start talking negative to ourselves. This becomes the start of a domino effect. We may begin to feel hopeless and may even want to give up.

But what if you only focused on what you were going to do today? What can you do TODAY, that will bring you closer to your initial goal? Doesn't this make the journey of getting there feel a little less overwhelming? Instead of feeling distress about where you are not, think about what you can you do today to make a difference?

What steps can you make today to make a difference in your life? All we know for sure is what we have right now, and that is today!

What are you going to do, today?

Until Next Time...

Take Care,