The Advantages of Mind Mapping!

Do you have a lot on your mind? I do! Between work, clients, family, and home, there is a lot to be done!  It's not always easy to capture everything in your head.  Yes, "to do" lists certainly help and can effectively organize the tasks for the day, but what about for the whole project you are working on? Are you able to capture your thoughts and ideas effectively with a list?

Have you ever considered Mind Mapping?

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind Mapping is a creative way in putting your ideas, thoughts, and concepts onto paper.  It is a visual thinking tool which helps you organize your thoughts and processes. Mind Mapping is a great alternative to the traditional "to do" list. It's a closer representation of how your brain actually works.  It's creative and it's fun! If you are finding your traditional "to do" is not working well, I highly suggest you try this method in capturing and organizing your thoughts!

You can use mind maps for many reasons. It's not just limited to project planning.  Say you are having a difficult decision to make, use a mind map to capture your ideas and thoughts, the pros and the cons.  You are planning a trip, this is a great way to capture what needs to be done, what you want to do, and the basic planning of the trip.

There are so many uses and reasons why you may use a mind map.  The options are unlimited and the complexity of each map is up to you!

How does Mind Mapping work?

It's actually very simple.  You start in the middle of a blank page and write the project or central idea you are developing.  From the edges of the circle you draw lines for your subtopics.  Your subtopics may have branches leading off them too.  Again, it can be as complex or simple as you need it be.

To get started in Mind Mapping, you can just use a simple piece of paper.

I just recently started to explore the different Mind Maps available for your computer, iPhone and iPad. I have been using some of the trials to get a feel of what I like best. Google, "Mind Maps", and you will be surprised of all the different options!  You can dress up the mind maps to be very colorful or if you prefer, very simple.

I suggest you try a couple and get the one that feels right to you... I just recently bought the iThoughts version for the iPad and iPhone, and I have been really happy with it!

If you are already using mind maps, let us know what you like and recommend! We are always wanting to hear feedback from others!