Back to the Basics: Using a Whiteboard

To Do Whiteboard

In today's world of smart technology, there is an app for everything!  There are many apps on organizing your to do list and how to be more productive during the day.  I use some of these apps, there is a time and a place for everything.  However, sometimes I find it's better going back to the basics!  Using an old school way of organizing your information.... A Classic Whiteboard!  Yes,  a classic whiteboard, that you can get at any home or office store.  

I recommend this tool for my ADHD clients, especially if the smart phone apps just don't work. Many of these apps are just too complicated and not easy to keep up. The little phone becomes a rabbit hole and you never see your information again.  For many, we need to see it front and center, in big writing, right in front of us.  The whiteboard fits this need.

The whiteboard can be used in a variety of different ways.  It can be used in your office to help manage your projects and capture your important tasks for the day.  It can outline your schedule, hold important phone numbers and reminders.  It can be a place where you brainstorm ideas and thoughts.  You could place your favorite quote on your whiteboard for inspiration.

You can use a whiteboard at home to help with family communication.  You can write notes back and forth from each other, it can contain your shopping lists and your to do list.  It can include the families schedule for the week or day with important reminders.  It can include meal plans and important phone numbers.  There are so many options.

The most important thing about using a whiteboard effectively is making sure the old stuff gets erased and it is only being used for current information.  If old content stays on the board then you may not trust it as a reliable resource and this is when your effectiveness of the system will start to break down. Actively use it everyday, by constantly adding and deleting information. To do this be sure to place the whiteboard in a convenient place, where you can see it and get to it easily.

Sometimes going back to the basics is good enough!