How to Use Elimination in Decision Making!

Decision Making!

Making decisions is not always easy! In fact for some of us, it is a very drawn out process.  I work with many clients who have ADHD, and one of the biggest obstacles for them is making the right decision.  They want the decision to be perfect, so often times this prevents them in making any kind of decision.  Not making a decision is making a decision. Whether we like it or not!

I am a big believer that we learn from each other and in a recent conversation I had with one of my ADHD clients, they shared with me a technique they had learned on how to make decision making a little less painful!

The Process of Elimination!

This technique is very useful in project / task management and trying to decide your priorities.  It's often hard to decide what should be worked on first!  You know you have to start somewhere, but where isn't always clear!

This technique suggests eliminating everything on the list that you know will not get done.  Maybe there are items where you do not have everything you need or you are waiting on someone else, or you just don't have the interest in doing it right now!

By eliminating what you know won't get done, you can start to focus on what really needs to get done.

It eliminates your choices, if you have less to choose from, you have less anxiety about making the right choice.

It won't take away all of the anxiety and you still have work to do, but it is a start to moving forward!