Thank You

Every single time I watch the show, Extreme Make Over, I cry!  It never fails, these stories are so inspirational!  The last show I watched, the mother kept a "Gratitude Journal".  She actually had them for her kids too.  Here they were in a terrible situation but yet every day they would document what they were grateful for.

The word "Gratitude" came up again for me the same week but in a different conversation.  In this conversation, we were talking about how your brain can not think both positive and negative thoughts at the same time.  It can only focus on one or the other. This wise friend of mine told me, when you notice yourself walking down a negative path, use this as a red flag, and instead think of something you are grateful for. This will immediately shift your brain into the present and into a positive place.

I felt this was such a powerful message to me, I wanted to share it here....

What are you grateful for?