In The Mood To Organize!


Taking Advantage of the Organizing Bug!  Deciding when to organize can be a struggle for many.  It's not a lack of what needs to get done as much as when and how!  Even though finding the time can be a struggle it is not uncommon to actually be in the mood to organize! Some of you may think this is crazy, but others know exactly what I am talking about!

Have you ever been looking in a drawer for something, can not find it, and decide to do a quick sort and before you know it you have a clean drawer... Maybe you are waiting at the Doctors office and you decide to clean out your purse.  There was no plan to do these things, you just decided to do them because you were in the mood and the opportunity was there!

These are great moments, take full advantage of them!

For my ADHD Clients, this is a great time to use hyper-focusing to your full advantage!  If you find yourself in the mood to organize, do it.. just make sure it's the right time and set the timer to remind you when to stop!

There is great value to structure and scheduling the time when you are going to organize, however there is also great value in organizing when you feel like it. Maybe even more.  You can surprise yourself, which can turn into motivation to keep going!

We are not talking about organizing an entire room, we are talking about those small bits of time where we can make a difference.  

These small bits of time turn into living an organized lifestyle!

Until Next Time....

Take Care,