Paper Management - Color Coding Your Files!

Color Files

If you are looking for a different way to organize your paper files, consider ......Color Coding!  Color coding your files can be a very effective way in organizing and maintaining your paper. This is a great technique and highly recommended for folks with ADHD and who are visual in nature.  It's an opportunity to organize your paper in a way which makes sense to you.  Paper can be easier to find and can make filing a little less painful!

However, simplicity is the key to your success in any organizing system.  It is suggested you use colors that have meaning to you and keep it simple!

Here are some suggestions on how to color code your files:

  • Use a different color folder for each family member
  • Red = Urgent, Do Now. (Red is a great file for bills to pay or other action papers)
  • Blue = Medical
  • Yellow = School
  • Green = Financial
  • Purple = Home

There is no right or wrong way to do this, what's important is it works for you! A great place to start is to write out your categories of paper and decide on your colors with the number of categories you have.  Keep it simple and keep the color files as your main categories like Medical, Home, Financial, Etc.

**** Another benefit to using color coded files is you can easily see when a file has been misplaced and it's much easier to put back.