3 Habits To Prevent Clutter!


Clutter Control! Clutter builds up around our homes for many reasons and sometimes enough is enough and we just have to do something about it!  Here are 3 habits to prevent clutter build up.  If you can instill these 3 habits into your daily living, you can prevent the clutter!

1)  Daily Clean Up -  This is a maintenance habit.  We all want to keep the areas we have already organized, organized!  A daily clean up ensures that items get put away to their rightful homes.  For everything, there is a place.  If you come across something that does not have a home, now is the time to find one. I realize that at the end of the day we are tired and the last thing we want to do is a pick up the house.  However, if you are consistent and build this in your daily routine, the daily clean up does not take long, actually it should only take a few minutes.  It's when we miss several days that the task seems so daunting.  Practice and do the daily clean up, daily and see how much of a difference it can make!

2)  Purchase with Purpose - Staying with the same theme as above... For everything, there is a place, this is also true for the new items we bring into our home.  The next time you are purchasing an item, I challenge you to think about where that item is going to go in your home.  Often times this is forgotten and the item sits on the counter and becomes clutter.  An item without a home.  Getting into the habit of making decisions on items right away will definitely help in the decrease of clutter.

3)  Deal with it now - not later - Here is this phrase again... For everything, there is a place, if this stands true in your home, then every item has a home, then put it away now and not later.  I realize you can't do this every time, but when you can, I encourage you do it now!  If we wait until later, later may never come and before you know it you are surrounded by clutter.  Sometimes it as easy as just making a conscious effort in taking action.  If you no longer want to live with clutter, you have to take action.  The daily clean up and putting new items away as soon as they enter the home are all habits in making this habit of dealing with it now, a reality!

Until Next Time...

Take Care,