The Top 5 Organizing Mistakes!


Top 5 Organizing Mistakes! Your intention is to live a more organized lifestyle, however something happens and it doesn't work exactly the way you envisioned it!  There are certain roadblocks that get in the way...

Here are the top 5 organizing mistakes and how to avoid them:

1) Waiting for the time - If you wait for it, it will never come.  There will always be something to get in the way.  If getting organized is a priority, you have to make it one.  Set up organizing sessions on your calendar and get started!  They do not have to be all day events, even 10-15 minutes a day will move you forward.

2) Setting the standard too high -  Organization is not about perfection!  It's about finding what you need, when you need it.  Don't set yourself up for failure by expecting too much!  This is a point I stress when working with my ADHD clients.  It's not about bins and labels, it's about making things simple and easy for you to maintain.  Organize to the point where it's good enough for you!

3) Buying Product Too Soon - Don't waste your time or money with buying organizing product first!  It's not the product that organizes you, it's the process in which you develop.  By making sure everything has a home and you return items to the home.  Only buy product after you have done sorting and you know what you need.

4) Starting but not finishing - It can become so overwhelming, people stop in the middle of the process. This is the time to break large projects into small spaces, taking just a little bit at a time.  Take a break if you need too, but remember what is motivating you to go through this process and get back on track. Don't be shy to ask for help, this a big part of what an ADHD Coach does is to help you follow through. 

5) Not sharing the new system - Nothing will ruin your organizing efforts faster than by not sharing what you have done!  You can't expect your family members to help maintain your new systems, if you don't show them what to do.  Take the time to give a tour of a new space, and get their opinions too... If they take ownership, they will more likely help maintain.

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