4 Reasons to Use a Timer!



Using a Timer! One of my favorite tools for my ADHD clients is using a timer!  Time is a funny thing it has a way to run away from us very quickly!  Using a timer keeps you on track and focused!  With increased focus comes increased productivity!

1) Get over the overwhelm If you have a large project looming it can feel overwhelming!  Approach these kinds of projects by breaking the project down into smaller pieces.  If you think something is going to take a long time, you may procrastinate and not do any of it. Set your timer for 10 minutes and just get started. Unless you are on a specific deadline, there is no reason the project has to get done all in one session.  Breaking up your projects will decrease your stress and increase your productivity!

2) Tracking time - Like I said time has a way of running away from us, if you are working towards better time management, one of the best things you can do is find out how long something actually takes!  The best way to do this is to time yourself.  If you are constantly running late in the mornings, set a timer from the time you get up to the time you leave.  How long does it really take? Then make the changes you need to get out the door on time.

3) Reminders - A great strategy for using timers is to remind yourself of upcoming events.  Many computers and phones have an alarm system.  Use these tools to remind you to leave on time.  Use them to remind you when it's time to switch tasks.  Maybe you need to prep for a meeting, don't rely on your memory, put the reminder on!

4) Increase focus - A great way to increase your focus when working on a project is to set your timer.  Set your timer for 10 minutes and only focus on your project.  Eliminate all distractions.  When the timer goes off is when you can check email or get up and look at something. It take some discipline but it's great way to break up your work.

The Time Timer as seen above is a great product.  It comes highly recommended for folks with ADHD.  The red is a clear visual of time going by.  This type of timer is also great with children as they are learning the concept of time and how long something takes.

Take back control of your time!