A Great Start To A Great Day!

Dissatisfied Business Lady

How we start our day is a great predictor of how the rest of the day will go...

We want to get the most out of our time and our days to be filled with outstanding productivity!

Here are a few tips, I have come up with on how to have a great start to a great day!

Tip #1 - Clear the desk the night before

You may have heard, a cluttered desk is a good representation of a clutter mind.  If you want to be more productive, set up your environment to support your mission.  Piles are fine, just pile them in an orderly fashion.  Tidy up your space, by using the inbox and the filing stands.  File a few papers before you leave.  The less cluttered, the better.  It starts the day with a fresh outlook.

Tip #2 - Top 3

After you clear the clutter off your desk, think about the top 3 priorities you need to accomplish the following day.  Write them down and schedule them into your calendar. If you want to make sure these top 3 tasks get done, you have to make the time to do them.  If you can't do all three that is fine, then just pick one.  The point of the exercise to recognize your priorities and to plan for them.  This also eliminates the feeling of being overwhelmed first thing in the morning, because you have already thought out what needs to get done first.

Tip #3 - Be Flexible - Be Positive

You can plan your perfect day and then one interruption happens and the whole day gets messed up.  Get back on track and be flexible.  Plan into your schedule unexpected events, which means, try not to schedule back to back appointments without any breathing room.  Be more intentional with your schedule and plan for the unexpected... As much as you can of course!  Having a positive attitude rather than a negative attitude will surely make the disruption a lot easier to accept.  Things happen, it's life, it's how you react to it, which makes the difference.

Tips #4 - Repeat

At the end of the day, do tips # 1- 3 over again.  Routines and positive habits are the key to success!  The more you practice these tips, the more natural they will become.  The goal is to have more productive days, which makes a better day!

Until Next Time...

Take Care,