Avoiding Distractions!

Clock - World

Do things take longer than you expect?  What we think should only take a few minutes, can take so much longer, our projects never get finished.

We run out of time!

With ADHD, this can be a constant battle in your day.  You're constantly running behind and time has taken control of you rather than you taking control of your day!

What causes the time to go by so fast?  There are actually many reasons, however I am going to focus on the number one reason I see with many clients.... DISTRACTIONS! 

Distractions are the root of why time goes by so fast.  They happen and we don't even realize it.... It doesn't matter what we're doing, distractions happen and they get in the way.  What seems so innocent like answering the phone, looking at an email, saying hi to a neighbor, all of these actions take time and take time away from what you are trying to get accomplished.

Solution: Awareness! The best prevention of getting distracted is to be more aware of when they are happening. As soon as you notice your mind pulling you into a different direction, recognize it and pull yourself back into focusing on your chosen task at that moment. To build more awareness, carry a journal with you for the next few days and jot down what tasks took longer than you expected.  Analyze why it happened and think about how you could eliminate those distractions next time.

Here are a few ideas on how to avoid distractions:

  • Close the door when you are working
  • Turn your phone off - you don't have to answer the phone every time it rings
  • Turn the email alerts off - schedule a couple of times during the day to check email
  • Set a timer for 15 minutes and focus on your work for only a short period of time
  • Take periodic breaks - get some exercise like walking around the block
  • Schedule time in your day for social media instead of looking at it throughout the day

Awareness and recognition will be your first step towards change! 

It's the first step in taking back control of your time!

Until Next Time..

Take Care,