Daily Review!

Young businesswoman organizing her calendar

Daily Review!

Overwhelm is a very common word I hear when I work with my ADHD Clients!  There is so much to do but yet you can't remember what it is nor do you know how to get started.  This is enough to stop you in your tracks and find something meaningless to occupy your time!  It gets worse when you have an unscheduled or unstructured day.  Things to do but no particular time they need to get done.

Sound familiar?  One of the ways to combat this feeling of so much to do but not sure what to do is by daily planning!  TCO has a daily planner you could use to get started.

The point of daily planning is to know ahead of time what your top priorities are for the day and to schedule them into your calendar.  Just by thinking about it the day before and giving yourself a plan can actually end the panic feeling of I am not sure what to do next.... Now you know because you planned the night before.

It's simple really... you just have to take the time to do it and get into the habit of doing it every night.

I challenge you to look at your calendar the night before and review what your commitments are and to schedule time for the things that need to get done but you did not actually set aside time to do so.  This will actually help you use your time better. Remember to give yourself plenty of extra time to get a task done, so if you think it will take you 15 minutes, schedule a half an hour.  Make room for lots of flexibility.

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