eBook - Taking Control of Your Space!

The average person spends 55 minutes a day looking for items they know they have but can't find… I know I don't have that extra time in my day and I am willing to bet you don't either! When new clients call me for the first time, I know they are looking for solutions but they are also looking for hope! Take Control Organizing is thrilled to introduce it's newest eBook — Taking Control of Your Space! This book is all about possibility and hope!

Taking Control of Your Space is a systematic approach on how to organize any space. It does not matter how cluttered or the size of the space!

What makes this book different than your typical "how-to" books is you get to really experience what its like to work with an organizing coach. In the first paragraph you are introduced to Carol. The book is centered around Carol's experience working with me as I teach her how to use this simple plan in her kitchen.

Along with Carol's story you will receive several organizing suggestions and tips. There are worksheets available for download to assist you in understanding each step and actions steps to take at the end of the chapters. Use this book as a reference for any time you tackle a new space in your home to organize. Refer back to it often and you will learn how to live an organized lifestyle.

My intention for this book is to give you hope for the future, confidence that you can do this, and a plan to guide you to the life you want to live.

I invite you to read Carol's journey and see how you too can start Taking Control of Your Space….

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Thank you!

Nikki Kinzer