Focus and Homework!

Studying with Notebooks and pens

Increase Your Focus!

Knowing you have hours of homework to do is not a good feeling for anyone!  You may want to procrastinate and find something better to do.  It doesn't matter if it's more important or not, you want to avoid what is ahead of you.

When you finally sit down to do the homework, you feel overwhelmed and anxiety and stress takes over.  It's hard to focus and all you can think about is everything you have to do and you find yourself easily distracted by email, the phone, and the other conversations going in the house. It really doesn't matter what it is, it could just be the fly in the room... It captures your attention but the homework still sits in front of you!

How can we increase our focus while doing important tasks like homework or working on a project for work?  

This is a very important question if you have ADHD, because the distractions can actually be so overwhelming, you don't get the project done and it starts to effect not only you but others around you too!

Here is a strategy I recommend with my clients:  15/5  

15/5 means you work for 15 minutes and then you give yourself a break for 5!  It's a simple strategy breaking your homework or project down into 15 minute intervals.  15 minutes is not a long time but it's long enough to get started and once you start adding up your 15 minutes they do turn into an hour and progress will be made.  The 5 minutes in between allows you to look at your distractions, check your email, let your brain wander, until it's time to get back into it.

Tips to make this work:  

1) While you are in your 15 minutes of work time, cut your distractions- turn the email alert off, close your door, work in a quiet area, be in an environment where you focus best.  Set yourself up for success!

2)  Use a timer - Especially for the 5 minute breaks, 5 minutes can easily turn into 30 minutes if you are not careful.  If after the 15 minutes of work you are still motivated and doing well, my recommendation is to keep going until you start to wander, then it's time to take that 5 minute break, or maybe a little longer depending on how long you have been working and what your particular circumstance is.

As in any strategy, you have to make it work for you....

Please note: This strategy can work on all ages of children, from elementary to college!