How Delegating Can Make You More Productive!

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You don't have to be good at everything and you don't have to do everything!  

One of the biggest reasons why procrastination happens is because the task at hand is not something you like to do! This is especially true for folks with ADHD.  If you don't like it or you're not good at it, the task will immediately get left!  It will either be the very last task to get it done or it won't get done at all!

Solution:  Delegate!

Delegating can make you more productive! If it is at all possible to delegate those unwanted tasks, like filing, then give them to someone else who is good at it and will get it done!  This can apply to your home life as well.  What areas do you procrastinate in the most?  Maybe its bill paying or doing the dishes.  Talk with family members and delegate the tasks to the person who is most suited.  Sometimes it's just a small change that can make all the difference!

What areas in your life could you start delegating in?  It can give be difficult to give up control and a little time-consuming at first, however the result is very worth it!