Making Time For Yourself


We live in a chaotic world and it goes by fast. Time is always passing and we will always have demands placed on us in regards to how we spend our time. In our podcast this week we talk about how important it is to take care of ourselves. When we do this, it betters our quality of life and if you have ADHD, it can actually help manage those challenges in a more effective way. How do we find the time to do it?  There is no magic way to add an hour in the 24 hours we are given in a day.  But I have found a few strategies to help the process:

1) Know what you want - Take the time to write out what it means to have time for yourself. What kinds of things bring you joy and think about how long they take.  Set goals for things you want to accomplish during the day or week.  Think of it like a wish list or a minimized version of a bucket list. Part of finding time for yourself is knowing what you like to do.

2) It has to matter - To make it a priority it has to matter.  If reading a book doesn't really matter to you, then you won't find the time to do it.  If attending the newest yoga class is more of an interest then you will find a way to make it work.  Know what your excuses have been in the past and figure out how to overcome them.  In order to make room for something new, you may have to sacrifice something else.  Look at what is most important and schedule it into your calendar.

3) Baby steps - Start small, if your goal is to exercise more, don't expect to get fit overnight.  Start with something simple and easy like a 15 minute walk around the block  or choosing to drink more water.  Figure out what one change you can make everyday that will bring you closer to your goals.  Once you have that down then move on to the next goal.

4) Make it habit - If you want to continue to find time for yourself everyday, you must make into a habit.  Just like brushing your teeth, decide you get 30 minutes a day to do whatever you want.  Make this 30 minutes a routine part of your day. Be consistent and practice everyday. Soon you won't even have to think about it.

5)  Let go of the guilt - People demand our time and sometimes we can feel incredibly guilty allowing ourselves to do something that is just for us.  In reality, we actually take better care of others when we have taken care of ourselves first.  Remembering this can relieve some of the guilt you may feel.  What a great example you set for your children and others around you when they see your passionate about a hobby or they see it first hand that it really does matter.

Challenge:  What can you start doing today to make a difference on how you take care of yourself... Now you must go do it!

Until Next Time...

Take Care,