Taking Action on Your To Do List

It's time to rethink how you write out your "To Do" List!  Do you ever get stuck looking at your to do list?

You see the words on the page but you're not sure what to do next!

There might be too much on the list, or you haven't had the time to prioritize the list, so by first glance, it just looks like a lot to do!  Everything can seem important, which only makes it harder to decide what to do next!

I have a strategy for you to try the next time you write out your "to do" list...

Write out the task, starting with a verb.  Some kind of action step that needs to be done.

For example:

Call Mom

Drop off mail to postoffice

Send reports to boss

Make cookies for fundraiser

Clean house prior to company coming over

File report by Monday

By starting with an action step, it takes away the wonder of what needs to happen first.  You will still need to prioritize the tasks by level of importance, but at least now you know what you need to do, to get it done!

Until Next Time...

Take Care,