Setting Your Priorities!


Everything is important, everyone needs my attention....How do I even begin to set my priorities? 

I hear this often with my clients.  It's true, we are all busy and have people who demand our attention!  Everything feels like a top priority.  But unless you are magic and have a superpower... You still can only do so much..... you are still only one person!

Learning to set your priorities is not always easy and for some of us it can even be uncomfortable.  This is especially true if you have ADHD. It can be difficult to see the importance of one task over another.  This is a skill that comes with a lot of practice!  An ADHD mind is easy to react to what ever is coming to them at the time, not looking at the whole picture.  The problem arises when everything feels so important than nothing is really that important... Nothing gets the attention it deserves.

Here are a few things to think about when setting your priorities: 

Write Your Top 3-  At the beginning of each day, write down your top 3 goals for the day.  Not 5 or 10, just 3, and plan your day around these three tasks.  Decide your top 3 by what is the most important, right now, usually these will be tasks that are time sensitive or have something to do with customers or other co-workers.  Your reputation could be at stake if it doesn't get done.  Discipline yourself in understanding these kinds of tasks vs. the ones that need attention but are not urgent.

Schedule the Top 3 - It is so easy to let distractions get the best of you during your day, and its way to easy to write your top 3 goals but then still do not find time to do them.  Schedule them.  Write them in your calendar and know when you will be working on them.  This does not mean you will get all three goals accomplished in one day, but it does mean you will have worked on all three of them and have used your time well.

Learn to say no - or at least think before you say yes! When someone calls or emails you to do something, wait before you say yes. Don't react, think it through.  Is it something you really want to do, need to do, and does it fit in with the rest of your day.

Rotate Your Goals - Most of us all have more than 3 projects or tasks to get done in a day.  Of course the most time sensitive projects will always take priority but the other things can be rotated around.  The point is to have focus on what you are working on that day.

Until Next Time...

Take Care,