Single-Tasking is Better Than Multi-Tasking!

Single-Tasking Vs. Multi-Tasking!

We have been taught that multi-tasking is this great skill to have, often times we feel compelled to even put it on our resumes.  We want people to know how productive we can be, how much we can get done in a certain period of time.  What pops into my mind as I am writing this, is there an argument between what is quality work vs. quantity of work?  That's for another blog post... for now let's concentrate on multi-tasking!

Let's question this theory! Are you really more productive when you multi-task? Why?

There are exceptions to every rule.  I am sure there are times where multi-tasking is useful, needed, and maybe even productive.

However, I am believing more and more that single-tasking is the way to go!  This is why....

  • When you single -task, you are more likely to finish! That's right, when you are just focusing on one project at a time, you are less likely to get distracted, therefore you actually finish the project!
  • You see results quicker - this is especially true in organizing!  If you complete one project from start to completion, you actually see your progress quicker, which can result in motivation to keep moving forward!
  • Quality vs. Quantity - Ok, I decided to talk about this anyway... Do we do better work when we only concentrate on one project at a time.  It gets our full attention.  For me it gets my best work.  Something to ponder!

My challenge to you this week, is think about your projects and where you are multi-tasking and consider just working on one project at time... See if it makes a difference.  It's worth the effort!