The "Not To Do" List

To Do Whiteboard

To Do or Not To Do..... It's very common to put together a "To Do" List at the beginning of the day. It helps us stay on track and keeps priorities in order. But even with the best of intentions, we still get distracted.  Suddenly, we forget about the list. We get interrupted or something happens that we did not expect. To stay on track, consider putting together a "Not To Do" List.

This list is special because it doesn't change from day to day. In fact for the most part it will stay exactly the same. This list is about awareness and understanding what kinds of interruptions get in our way. To start, think about what your distractions might be on any given day and write them down. As you brainstorm and come up with ideas of what not to do on a given day, you can make the list more permanent by printing it off the computer and posting it somewhere relevant so you are always reminded of what not to do!

Here is an example of  a "Not To Do" list:

I will not check email every time a new email comes through.

I will not answer my phone if it is not the right time.

I will not check Facebook or twitter during my most productive times in the day.

I will not sit and chat with co-workers if not's my break or lunch period.

I will not work the whole day without taking any breaks.

I will not forget to pack a lunch and healthy snacks.

I will not forget to drink water throughout the day.

We all want to be more productive during the day and the first step towards is awareness. The "Not To Do" is a great awareness tool.

Try it.. What will you not do today?

Until Next Time...

Take Care,