Making the Most Out of Your To Do List

In our podcast, Taking Control of Small Time, Pete and I talked about gaining control of those little time wasters and what can we do to be more productive.  You know the time wasters, like Facebook, waiting for your kids, or maybe you are on hold waiting to talk with someone. There are lots of little things you can while your are waiting for someone or something, you can empty your dishwasher, you could fold laundry, or pick up around the house.  Being aware of the tasks that can easily be done and being aware of the time wasters, can actually really help you get more done!

How can we organize our tasks better?

Pete gave us a great suggestion on using the Daily Checklist... After each task he puts down the minutes he thinks it will take him to do the task.  So when looking at his list he can see how many 10 minutes tasks he has vs. how many 60 minutes tasks he has.

I love this idea and I will be implementing it right away!  I think this is a great tool to use to update how effective your To Do list really is!  By seeing how much time each tasks take, you can really plan for your day in a much more productive way.  Rather than just looking at all of what you have to do, you break it down into chunks of time!

What a great way, to take back your time!  Thank you Pete for the great suggestion!

Until Next Time....

Take Care,