Failure isn't the Problem


“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

― Nelson Mandela

In the movie "Rocky" do you remember how many times Sylvester Stallone's character got knocked down? I sure don't. But I know he got knocked down a lot. Rocky's secret to winning wasn't avoiding the punches of his opponent at all cost--he would have had to quit fighting to do that. He won because he refused to give up. No matter how hard he went down, he got back up. We call that resilience.

Resilience - overcoming challenges and bouncing back even stronger - can come from one thing we inevitably shy away from: mistakes. But never making mistakes means that we are not taking chances, chances to change, grow, love, and make ourselves into who we'd like to be.

Taking healthy risks can have amazing results…or not. But no matter the outcome, the experience teaches us. Maybe it's what not to do next time, or maybe we learn sympathy and understanding for others - and hopefully we become a better person. Through it all we are building resilience and learning to rise every time we fall.

Can you think of a time you took a risk that didn't turn out like you had planned? What did you learn?