5 Tips to Conquer Clutter

After spending April and May discussing organizing and clearing out accumulated clutter as part of our 2014 Spring Organizing series, it’s time to wrap it all up by giving you a few resources and tips to help keep you inspired and continuing to walk down your organized path. Understanding all that clutter is costing you, identifying it and working towards eliminating it are the first - and important - steps.

Keeping to your new goals - that’s often the challenge. You may come to a point where you ‘fall off the organizing wagon’ for a bit, which of course can happen to any of us. That’s why I’m sharing these five tips that go a long way to helping you stay the course - and conquer that clutter for good.

5 Tips to Conquer Clutter 

  1. Daily Clean Up. Spend 15 minutes in the evening or morning, whichever you prefer, to do a daily clean up. Pick up and put away anything that you see - set a timer and make it fun by playing some upbeat music and get the whole family involved. Do this on a daily basis and clutter stays away for good.

  2. Have a Plan for New Purchases or Gifts. One of the biggest reasons clutter builds up around us is because we don’t know where to put new items. Before buying the item, or as you’re taking a gift home, think about where it’s going to live in your home. Oh, and then make sure to put it away where you’ve determined when you arrive!

  3. One for One Rule. In addition to assigning a home to new and gifted purchases, it is also a good idea to follow the One for One Rule: for every item you bring in, you must get rid of something. This helps with the basic inventory of your belongings and manages the space you have by not always adding without subtracting as well.

  4. Purge Regularly. You can’t expect to clean your house just once and the same goes with organizing. It’s a constant process and purging is a part of that process. Use the reminder that comes with the change of seasons - two times a year in spring and fall - and make a commitment to take some time to go through your home and let go whatever is no longer serving you.

  5. Open Your Mail. One of the biggest clutter challenges is daily mail. It piles up on counters and desks quickly.  I recommend having a basket designated for just mail and to recycle all junk mail immediately. Then make a commitment either everyday, or at the very least every week, to sort through the rest.

Until Next Time...

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