ADHD-Friendly Products and Apps!

Over the last year, I have accumulated a list of recommended products and apps from listeners of the Podcast, readers of the Blog, and clients who I work with on a weekly basis. Although I have not been able to try each one, I think there is still much value in passing this information on to you. You just never know what might click for someone else! 

Habitica - Whenever I hear about an app or product being used by more than one person, I pay attention and that was the case with this app. According to their website, "Habitica is a video game to help you improve real life habits. It 'gaminess' your life by turning all your tasks (habits, dailies, and to - do’s) into little monsters you have to conquer. The better you are at this, the more progress in the game." I have been told by several people that this works.

Motivated Moms - This was an app that was just recommended recently. It is simply a chore planning system. According to their website, "Motivated Moms is a great idea for anyone who would like an easy system to help them to know what to do each day. Just consult the list, do the work, check it off for the day and enjoy your free time!" My client who uses this says there is a lot of flexibility with moving tasks around and even designating certain days for certain tasks.

Cozi - I have used this app before to remind me of special events and it was also recommended by a listener on the show. This listener says, "My number one app for organizing my family is called Cozi, and has both iOS and Android support, and a website. The feature we use most is the Shopping List. The app uses one family login. I have trained my kids that if they are out of something, or almost out of something, that they are to put it on the appropriate Cozi list (Groceries, Wal-Mart, Mall, etc.). They know that if they tell me something on the way out the door to the store that there is about a 25% chance I will remember it, but if they put it on the Cozi list, I will purchase is so wonderful, and keeps my family in order so much."

Time Announcer by Johnny Sunblom - This was a recommendation from a listener of the Podcast who says, "On my Android phone there is an app developer named Johnny Sundblom and he has a line of wonderful apps for time management. One of them is called Time Announcer. You can have your Android phone announce the time at different increments. I use it daily to get out of the house on time and to finish a project I have to get done by a certain time. He also has Speaking Timer and Speaking Stopwatch."

Panda Planner - Planners are a topic of many conversations in my world! Not everyone likes their digital calendars and old school planners are what they tend to go back to. Trying to find the “right” one is not always an easy task. This was also recommended recently and I have to say, I like it too. Panda Planner is more than just a planner, it also gives you space to journal and do an end of the day review. It's definitely worth checking out!

Calm - Pete and I have talked about this amazing app on our podcast. Just clicking on the website is relaxing! Whether you are just starting out with meditation or have done it for years, this is something to check out! 

I’m sure there are more great ideas out there and we would love to hear from you about your favorite, helpful apps. You can either comment below or call at 503-644-4ADD!

Until Next Time..