Developing Household Systems

This week on the podcast, we’ve been talking about ways to stay organized by using routines and systems to help us keep the changes we worked so hard to start. I’ve found personally and with clients that sometimes the hardest part is not getting started, as the saying goes, but actually maintaining the changes we’ve made long enough so that they become the habits that will keep us where we want to be.

Success at maintaining household organizational changes often depends on building routines around particular organizing obstacles like paper management, family communication or cleaning. To that end, I’ve created a free resource you can download, the Home Organizing Worksheet, which helps you determine what is most important to you - and gets your family involved in developing a solution around some organizing challenge that you are facing as a family.

For example, lets identify laundry as a problem and prioritize it #1 because it is piling up so that there are no clean clothes and it’s hard to find things which results in stress for everyone. The end goal/vision for our laundry problem is creating a routine around the laundry.

So, the family sits down talks about frustration from this problem and brainstorm some ideas of how to fix it and how they would like it to look like going forward. They delegate different parts of the routine and put into action after which everyone evaluates it, asking, does it work?

These simple steps are repeated for every new organizing system you put into place, so that you create routines that work for you and your family. Once we are aware of what is bothering us the most then we can develop a routine or system around it. And when we build routines around organizational tasks, we add structure which can help us maintain our organization.

Go here to download our Home Organizing Worksheet and start building your routines today!

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