Four Organizing Tips For ADHD


Organizing and clearing out clutter are goals for many of us - and something we often find difficult to accomplish. Throw in issues associated with ADHD like distractibility, procrastination, and forgetfulness and it might seem near impossible. But there are tried-and-true actions you can take right away that can move you in the direction of less chaos and clutter and towards more organization.

In addition to the tips we talked about on this week's podcast, I wanted to highlight a few more that you can implement immediately so you can find success:

  1. Set up different alarm sounds for your reminders. This is a great way to wake up the brain so the sound doesn't become too familiar with it and then lose interest in the reminder.

  2. Choose bright colors for purses, wallets, etc. Then, if they get lost or misplaced, they are easier to find.

  3. Write things down. Use technology like Google calendar or a smart phone's notes and lists apps or just good old paper and pen in order to not forget and write the to-dos from most important to least, checking off the most important first.

  4. Have a structured, daily schedule. Use it to plan ahead - and even plan for disruptions that may occur.

Do you have any favorite organizing tips for ADHD challenges to getting and staying clutter-free?

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