Getting the Most Out of Your Summer!

Living in Oregon for most of my life, it's probably no surprise to learn that I love the summer! Summer brings blue skies and warm temperatures and this is something we don't see very often in other months. It's also a time where many people are taking vacations and having some downtime with family and friends. 

It makes for a great conversation for Pete and I on our Podcast. In our most recent show about summer, we talk about how to Recharge with ADHD. Although summer is a very popular time to take time off, it can also be incredibly stressful with all of the planning and details. 

Over the last few years, I have written  blog posts and recorded podcasts about preparing for summer. I did some digging and found some posts in the archives...

Here are my favorites: 

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Vacation Planning Checklist and Packing Tips

Here are a few other resources I found around the web that you may find useful: 

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Tranquil Trips: 8 Tips for an ADHD Friendly Family Vacation

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7 Tips for Taking Your Child with ADHD on Vacation

My hope for anyone reading this blog is that you find something, maybe a new strategy or a slight shift of perspective so that YOU can get the most of out of your summer! 

Until Next Time...

Take Care,