Practicing Patience When Building New Habits


We've been talking about habits this month, using Charles Duhigg's book, The Power of Habit as our discussion starter. Habits, of course, are important - without them we wouldn't accomplish nearly as much in each day as we do - and many habits are ingrained since childhood so we don't even think about them any more (life skills like showering and brushing our teeth are among these). But we CAN create new habits and we've discussed how starting small and believing we can change are two of the first steps towards building a habit.

A third important aspect of habit-building is the power of patience. It can make-or-break our success at making change happen. Most people have to work at becoming more patient, though, especially as our world becomes more fast-paced and technology-driven. Since patience is crucial to success and can, in fact, become a habit in and of itself (think how great that will be to not have to think about being patient - you just are!), here are some tried-and-true tips that can help you become more patient:

1. Determine your triggers. When you can see what bothers you the most, you can focus on practicing patience in these areas first.

2. Take deep breaths and/or count to 10. Seems silly sometimes, but it really does work.

3. Keep the big picture in mind: repeat to yourself what is important or not - getting to work a minute earlier or not speeding and potentially getting a ticket?

4. Remember time is needed to accomplish any worthwhile goal.

“The motion is forward. The goals are many. Patience and time are key to give myself the courtesy and space to accomplish the varied and assorted goals.”   

  -Linda Samuels, author, The Other Side of Organized

Can you think of a time when you practice patience and it paid off?

Until Next Time...

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