Pete's Tolerations — The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

On this week's show, Nikki threw me a dare to deal with my top 10 tolerations in my home. What an unbearably miserable task. Think about it — the beauty of tolerations is that they're invisible to me, so as long as I can't see them, why should I care, right?

Of course, that's no way to live, and certainly not inline with the efficient and effective organized lifestyle I'm looking to maintain. So here we go: Pete's list of tolerations around the home and office.

  1. Research and replace the broken knobs on my oven.
  2. Research and (potentially) replace dishwasher.
  3. Research and replace horrifyingly loud turbine sound that comes from my washing machine on rinse cycle. Something is just not right there.
  4. Scan the aging stack of precious kids artwork that is beginning to ferment on my bookshelf.
  5. Make a donation trip with the second and third layers of clothes in my kids' drawers — the clothes that never get washed, just compressed under new outfits from grandma.
  6. Figure out a solution for our cookbook shelf; may involve scanning old recipes, donating books, and/or giving up eating in favor of clean shelves.
  7. Wrestle the grape vines in the back yard before they start demanding equal wages.
  8. Find source for replacement grill components and ... you know ... order them.
  9. Replace photos in hallway gallery so that we can show guests that we actually have two children.
  10. Take on the garage workbench; pretend I have some sense of understanding of tools and nuts and screws and such.

Right now, I go through my day pretending these things just don't exist. That can only go so far, particularly with the vines in the back yard, which are starting to call me Seymore. Stay tuned for our check-in on the show next week!