Start Small When Creating a New Habit

Start Small with New Habits.jpg

This week we've been talking about habits - being aware of habits we already have, how to change those we don't like and how to create new ones.

A key to changing habits is to start small - really small. Instead of "I want a clutter-free house," choose "I will put my keys in a basket everyday."

Using this example, let's identify what our current habit is:

  • putting our belongings wherever they may fall - floor, chair, counter - which results in clutter and creates a problem of finding our items when we need them.

Now, let's look at what needs to change to stop this habit and create a new one:

  • we need a container and a designated place for our items. Since we're starting small, it's not overwhelming to find or buy a basket, place it on a desk or entry table and start placing our keys in it everyday.

So, for each new habit take these simple steps toward change:

  • choose one small habit - one that matters to you and will make the most impact

  • identify the current habit

  • determine what needs to change for the new habit to form

  • work on and think about the habit everyday

Once you've mastered one small new habit, working each day on it, you can move to the next (for our example it may be placing your purse/briefcase in the hall closet each day) and so on, until you look around and realize you have a lot less clutter, which was your ultimate goal to begin with!