The Best of Take Control ADHD 2016

Happy Holidays!

It’s that time again to reflect on the past year and share with you some of the best moments at Take Control ADHD. I am honored each day work with you all and to be a part of a such a wonderful community. Thank you for your ongoing support! I will be taking some time off to enjoy the holidays with my family, but before doing so, I wanted to reflect on some of the more popular posts of 2016 as we prepare for the new year.  

Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast 

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Taking Control: The ADHD Blog 

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7 Ways to Create a Workspace That Works For You

ADHD Strengths and Superpowers

3 Ways to Provide Structure to Your Workday for Entrepreneurs

Special Appearances: 

Evernote Blog - Finding Focus: How to Take Control of ADHD with Evernote 

PsychCentral Blog - Reducing One of the Most Painful Symptoms of ADHD

New This Year - Online Courses: 

If you haven’t checked out the newest service at Take Control ADHD this year, now is the time! I have two online courses available: Organizing Your Space Your Way and The Paper Solution! Stay tuned as there are more to come in 2017! 

Thank you for tuning in each week to hear the latest podcast or blog post and for sharing what resonates with you, I know together we can make a difference! 

Happy New Year and Until Next Time,