The Cost of Clutter


"Clear clutter. Make space for you."           

-Magdalena Vandenberg

I've written about developing habits to prevent clutter, how to tackle daily clutter, and ways to reduce paper clutter, among other things here on the blog. But I don't think I've spent a lot of time actually talking about how clutter can affect so many areas of our lives. It's not just about having a clean house. Our minds and souls can be weighed down from disorganization, our pocketbooks stretched and even our relationships can suffer when we allow our spaces to veer out of control.

Here are some of the often hidden ways clutter can affect you:

  • Emotional-Social: You may not be as willing to have people in your home when it's cluttered. There may be issues of shame and embarrassment about your space and issues of self-esteem.

  • Time: It's hard to relax in a home environment that stresses you out, so your downtime is affected. Clutter increases the time it takes to clean - getting rid of clutter has been found to eliminate 40% of housework in the average home! (according to the Soap & Detergent Association) And NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) states that the average person spends an entire year of their lives looking for lost items.

  • Finances: Can't find something and then buy another, only to find it later? Ruined items that were stored in a shed or other improper place? Late fees from paying bills that were past due because you couldn't find them? These are all tangible ways money is lost from clutter

  • Space: Clutter takes up space we could be using for more creative tasks - think a desktop or counter - and replaces assigned space, as in the classic example of a car no longer fitting in the garage.

What is it costing you - socially, time and space-wise or money-wise - to be disorganized? What would you like to do to change that?

Our book, Taking Control of Your Space, can help you develop new habits and processes towards a life free of disorganization.

Decide to make space for you.

Until Next Time...

Take Care,