Tolerations - By Nikki Kinzer

Tolerations.... Those pesky little things around your home that keep nagging at you... "I should do this".. "I need to fix this"... They literally scream at you at times and can suck up all of your energy... 

In our latest podcast — Ep 109 Tolerations! — Pete and I talk about what tolerations are and how they effect us. We also give you a challenge, one that we are taking too!  

Challenge: Write out 10 of your tolerations, after each toleration, write out the tasks that it will take to get it done and a timeframe of when you want to take care of the toleration.

  1. Finish organizing garage (Will take two weeks to finish)
  2. Put actual pictures in frames in office
  3. Put up bulletin board key holder in laundry room
  4. Put shelf up in daughter's room
  5. Defrost and clean out garage freezer
  6. Need to buy bulletin board for son's room.
  7. Son's room - shelf, pictures, etc
  8. Hang picture gallery in hallway
  9. Clean up backyard and go through summer toys 
  10. Organize attic space (Will take two weeks to finish)

Ok, I won't bore you with the tasks that are needed to get these projects done, but my goal is to take care of one toleration a week....With the exception of the garage and the attic, both of those will take me around 2 weeks to finish.

My first toleration to tackle will be the garage. I started this project a couple of weeks and ago and now I just need to finish it. I will be sure to talk about my progress on future podcast shows... 

Stay tuned!