Vacation Planning Checklist


Are you looking forward to a summer vacation to just relax or sightsee and share new places with your family? One of the ways to make sure your trip starts off on the right foot is to spend a bit of extra time planning before you leave and our comprehensive, 3-page Vacation Planning Checklist is a perfect way to help guide your preparations. The checklist is available for free in our Download section and can help make sure that you won’t forget anything before you leave on your vacation, whether it’s a few days or a few weeks.

Not only will you find a packing checklist (which I’ve found indispensable!), you’ll also find reminders of what you can do 2 weeks before you leave all the way to the day of departure, as well as a sheet where you can list all your travel confirmation numbers, people you need to call, your itinerary and more.

In addition to the checklist and what we talked about on our Tips for Planning a Vacation - Last Minute! podcast here are some tried and true tips for packing like a pro for any trip:

  1. Pack dual-purpose items like pants that roll up or turn into shorts or a pillow that turns into a tote bag.

  2. Plan to layer clothes: instead of long-sleeved t-shirts, pack short sleeved shirts or tanks plus one or two button-up long sleeved shirts and/or sweaters to layer over.

  3. Roll your clothes or use compression baggies instead of folding - you’ll fit more in and have less wrinkles.

  4. If flying, never check essential items - keep them with you in a larger personal tote bag or duffle.

  5. Spread out everything on the floor before packing, and really think if you will use or wear each item. Pack as little as possible.

  6. Don’t forget a small first-aid kit, earplugs, and technology gadget chargers (another reason to use our checklist!)

Do you have any packing tips to add to the list?

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