Welcome the New Year!


January is known to be that month where we decide it's time for change. A new you for the new year! We promise ourselves to get organized, to eat better, exercise, to be a better version of ourselves. I love new beginnings, but I am not a believer that it has to be only in January for them to come. 

Don't get me wrong, if you are exercising and drinking smoothies every morning since January 1st, that's terrific!  I'm not telling you to stop, keep going! But for those of you, who have good intentions and just haven't started yet... That's ok! 

This week on Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast, I talk about how I am taking the time in January to reflect and become really clear what it is I want for the upcoming year. I will let the important things come when they are ready to come. I am releasing the pressure. Now it doesn't mean that I won't take any action, it just means I am taking the time to become clear. 

I am currently working through a book now, called Write it Down, Make it Happen, by Henriette Ann Klauser. My goal for the month of January is to study this book, write down all of my ideas, goals, and wishes and work through them in a pace that works for me. I am not in a race, because I know all of the things I do want, I want for a lifetime, not just for the month of January.

My wish for you, is to take the time to become clear on what it is you want and then don't be afraid to go after it...

The date has nothing to do with it!

Until Next Time....

Take Care,