Tackling Your To Do List - Getting Rid of Those Tolerations in Your Life

This week on Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast we talk about ADHD and Creating a Lifestyle to Crush Your Tolerations! We first visited the idea of tolerations back in 2013! Almost exactly two years ago... Maybe because it's spring, it got Pete and I thinking about all of the things we wanted to get done in the next couple of months and the word tolerations came to mind.. 

For those of you that have never heard of "tolerations", let me explain... I was first introduced to the idea by Coach U, a coach training program that I completed back in 2011.

This is how they explain what a toleration is: 

To tolerate means to allow the existence of something, to permit or to endure something, to put up with something. This implies that something (or someone) is less than desirable, less than ideal, and tends to drain a person’s energy. A toleration is a situation, a condition, or an influence of any kind, that is allowed to exist, is put up with, or that is less than ideal. A toleration is often a hindering influence.

To me a toleration can be a roadblock from moving us forward towards our goals. They often get in our way and keep us stuck. When we feel stuck, we don't feel very empowered. 

Pete and I reviewed our list of old tolerations and I am happy to report that both of us have done a great job in eliminating what was bugging us... However, unfortunately we both admit to dropping the ball on the continuation of eliminating tolerations.  Which is exactly why we bring it up again... It's too important to forget. 

Here are a few benefits to eliminating tolerations:

  • You become happier and have more energy
  • You have more freedom to do what you want to do
  • You may become more creative and can think more clearly
  • You become less distracted and can focus on what's really important
  • You are a great role model to others - a positive force for people 

Here are the steps in eliminating your tolerations: 

  1. Identify your tolerations
  2. Prioritize your list by what is most important
  3. List the action items it will take to eliminate the toleration

In the downloads, we have a Tolerations Worksheet to help you create your list.

Here is my current list of tolerations:

  1. Drop off donations that have been in sitting in my garage for the last several months.
  2. Figure out how to work the TV in the living room so I can switch it from TV to using the DVD Player.
  3. Organize and clean out my garage (Ongoing project that comes and goes!) 
  4. Set up my new microphone for podcasting. 
  5. Go to Costco to stock up on household essentials 

I'm sure I have more and I will continue to add to the list.  I think the key to making this an ongoing habit is to continue to pay attention and when something comes up that is draining my energy, I'm putting it on the list!  The more we pay attention and take action, our list is bound to get smaller and smaller! 

How can ADHD Coaching help you with eliminating tolerations?

  • We can work together in identifying your tolerations and how to prioritize what's most important. 
  •  I can help you break down the project into smaller steps, so the actions seem less overwhelming. 
  • Working with a coach adds extra support and accountability for follow through that you may not have on your own. 
  • For more information about my coaching services, please email me at nikki@takecontroladhd.com and we can set up an informational meeting. 

My challenge for you is write out your tolerations and come up with a plan on how to eliminate them once and for all! 

Until Next Time.... 

Take care,