Why I Believe in Group Coaching!

Recently, I sponsored an ad on Facebook announcing that registration was open for ADHD Group Coaching. I struggled with how to write this post because I knew I was going to pay to promote it and it had to be good enough to grab people's attention. I went back and forth on different tag lines and finally I stopped myself and said "just speak from your heart"... so I did and this is how it turned out... 

"Registration is now Open for Small Group ADHD Coaching! I am looking for people who want to be connected, motivated, and inspired. I want people who are open to new ideas, and who are willing to share their own experiences in a supportive, non-judgmental group setting... Is this you?"

When I spoke from my heart, the words came out easily... connected, motivated, inspired, open to new ideas, and willing to share in a supportive, non-judgmental group setting... 

These words describe the power of group coaching. 

What I love about group coaching and why I believe in it so much is the potential it holds to change people's lives. It gives them the space to share and connect with others who "get" it. A place where people understand the struggles but also understand the victories! It's a place for people to be seen and to be heard without being judged. 

It's also a time to learn from one another. I want people to feel comfortable about sharing their experiences and to be open to trying new ideas. This is where the true motivation and inspiration can happen. 

I know the group will talk about strategies and brainstorm ideas on a variety of different topics. There will be accountability structures put into place to help the members move forward to reaching their goals, but at the end of the session it's still about connection. 

And knowing you are not in this alone.... 

*** Registration is now open for groups starting in January 2017! 

Deadline to Register is January 12th!

Space is limited - Reserve your spot today!

Until Next Time...

Take Care,