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The goal of coaching is to work together in a collaborative way, guiding you into accomplishing your hopes and dreams. Start living the life you want by capitalizing on your own strengths and learn to interact with the world in a new way.

You and Your ADHD

The word I hear most often is overwhelm. It's the feeling of staring at the screen, knowing there is work to be done, but not being able to start. It's the frustration of missing appointments, the fear that hits when you realize you've forgotten to pick up your child from school.

ADHD is a difficult condition because it challenges your behavior and tests your patience. ADHD is invisible — there is no sign that you are struggling on the outside, but a constant feeling of suffering on the inside, alone. 

But you are not alone. 

Imagine what it would feel like to be unstuck. Imagine if you could re-write your story. Imagine a life filled with peace, love, and joy. Imagine what it would be like if ADHD didn't define you. 

Individual ADHD Coaching
Learn more about ADHD Coaching and how I can help open up the doors of opportunity and growth. 

ADHD Coaching for College Students
Learn more about ADHD Coaching for students in higher ed, and how I can support your long term academic success. 

Small Group Coaching for ADHD
Leverage the support of a group in your ADHD journey, and see how your peers can be a source of strength through small group coaching. 

Why Coaching?

My role as an ADHD coach is to help you explore how ADHD effects you. Our work together provides a deeper awareness of the role ADHD plays in your life. 

Coaching is a partnership. My role in this partnership is to pose questions that challenge your belief systems under ADHD, to guide you from a place of weakness to empowerment, and to serve as a source of accountability for only as long as you need that support.

I have years of experience and training working with people just like you, all struggling with ADHD in their lives in their own unique way. I've worked with them to create a path of confidence and discover individual solutions to their ADHD challenges.