If you are a creative, open-minded, courageous person and you are living with ADHD, this site is for you. 

Hi. I'm Nikki. Thank You for stopping by!

Whether you were just diagnosed or have known about your ADHD for a long time - there is something for you on this site. I've designed this site to help people with ADHD re-write their story.  Sound familiar? You no longer want ADHD to control you. You no longer want to be defined by a label or a stereotype. You want to be who you are with acceptance and understanding, and you want to learn how ADHD impacts you. You want to take back control. 

Whether you are listening to a podcast, reading an article, working with me one-on-one or engaging in one of my long-running coaching groups, I'm dedicated to helping you live your best life with ADHD. Keep scrolling to get to know me, my work, and the resources I have available!

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About Me
I started in 2008 as a professional organizer, helping people build organizing and living systems in their homes. After a few short years, I noticed that my most powerful experiences in organizing came after helping a client struggling with ADHD. And so began my journey as an ADHD coach. 

My clients are amazing individuals and if I can help them see past their frustration, I have the incredible opportunity to witness them accomplishing great things. I'm deeply honored that I get to be a part of these transformations every day.