Working with me comes in two forms. We can work together through one-on-one coaching, or you can take advantage of one of the many tools we've created to help you in your journey on your own. First, the services.


Coaching is the heart of my work with clients. I absolutely love working with people and seeing them grow and accomplish their goals, discover what it means to feel fluid and unstuck, and live out their dreams. 

Individual Coaching with Nikki Kinzer

Individual ADHD Coaching
Learn more about ADHD Coaching and how I can help open up the doors of opportunity and growth. 

ADHD Coaching for College Students with Nikki Kinzer.jpeg

ADHD Coaching for College Students
Learn more about ADHD Coaching for students in higher ed, and how I can support your long term academic success. 

Small Group Coaching with Nikki Kinzer.jpg

Small Group Coaching for ADHD
Leverage the support of a group in your ADHD journey, and see how your peers can be a source of strength through small group coaching. 



If you're looking to go beyond coaching, to take your ADHD study after hours, take a look at these resources I've built to support you when you need it, when you might not have access to me as your coach.

Taking Control of Your Space

In Taking Control of Your Space, you have a book that demonstrates in plain language what it's like to work with a professional organizer right by your side. You'll learn my step-by-step organizing methodology and by the time you reach the end, you'll have the confidence you need to organize any space.


Free Downloads

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part when trying a new strategy. In our Free Downloads area, we have a variety of different guides helping you with how to organize your space, your time, your paper, even your next vacation. Continue to visit as we add new resources to help you take control of your ADHD.