Organizing with ADHD

378: Organizing with ADHD — Part 5(ish): Addressing the Paper Piles!

It’s paper day! Dealing with your paper piles requires a unique approach that is more of a cousin to the four steps we’ve been practicing thus far. First thing to note: paper organizing has no end! Once you wrap your head around that, we can get started in building a system to efficiently categorize and stay up-to-date on the paper without becoming overrun by piles!

324: Email is Not Precious! — and other stress-relieving axioms to save you time

Is your ADHD brain adapting to the always-open door to your life that is electronic mail? This week on the show, we’re talking about changes in lifestyle, behavior, and technology you can make to impact your relationship with email for the better!

292: Spring ADHD Organizing Spectacular!

It’s organizing week on The ADHD Podcast! Yes, you know we love to get our act together every once in awhile, and this week, we’re doing just that with our ten favorite insights around organizing with ADHD that we’ve learned or refined in the last year. Listen in and grab your bins because it’s time for Spring Organizing!

277: Introducing The Paper Solution

We're talking about the issues that come with paper clutter today, and we have a plan to help you deal with it in a new online course: The Paper Solution. It’s an ADHD-friendly organizing system and an approach to paper designed to help you clear both the physical and mental clutter that comes from out of control paper in your life

253: How to Get Your Family Involved With Organizing

If you share space with another person, then organizing is a team sport. From defining the purpose of shared spaces to keeping one another accountable, you can’t build new habits if you don’t have the support of those who spend their time in your proximity. This week on the show, we’re talking all about how to engage your family in supporting organizing efforts.

252: 3 Reasons Why Your Organizing Efforts Are Not Working

We all go into our organizing projects with the best of intentions. Did you just open your closet to a pile of junk falling on your head? Did you turn on the light to your attic and finally register the disaster of boxes? Did you fall into the stacks of mail and bills on the floor of your living room? Wherever you are in your home, making the connection that you have a space to be organized, and then taking action to organize it, is noble effort!

251: The Secret to Organizing with ADHD

It’s true, if you’re struggling with getting organized and you’re living with ADHD, there’s likely a key challenge holding you back. It lurks there, in the back of your mind, an invisible standard to which you will never live up. We’re taking on this subconscious demon on the show today, kicking off a series on ADHD organizing principles that will help you get on track, stay on track, and recover when you fall down. 

210: The Tips Show — Creative Organizing with ADHD!

This is the visual cue clock that ended up a great kitchen helper, even though intended as a joke — click to enlarge!

We have a wonderful organizing community! We asked for your very best organizing tips, and you came through! From stickies to timers to hooks and color codes, your tips make for wonderful organizing systems. This week on the show we’re sharing a bunch, but want to hear more of your ADHD organizing successes — so keep them coming… and thank you!