Taking Control of Your Space

This book is about possibility and hope.

Nikki Kinzer spent the first few years in business as a professional organizer, through her business, she taught people how to take back control of their space, their time, and their lives. 

In Taking Control of Your Space, Nikki presents the tools that you will need to organize any space — from your bedroom closet, to your kitchen, to your family room — in a way that will give you the control and confidence that is lost through disorganization. This book is going to show you where to start and how to maintain an organized lifestyle. With each organizing task, Nikki first defines the process you will use to get organized, and then provides clear examples of the organizing process in action. With worksheets, forms, and reference lists to support your work, you'll be able to put the TCO Organizing Process in action in your life quickly and efficiently.

The organizing journey you’ll take in Taking Control of Your Space could follow anyone. In this book, you will meet Carol, a fictional amalgamation of all Nikki's clients and organizing experiences. She is struggling, just like us. She deals with frustration and shame, just like us. And she’s capable of making big change in her life with patience and diligence, just like us. Carol's story provides guidance and perspective in how we can apply what she learns to our own lives as she leads us on her organizing journey.

This book is dedicated to the millions of people who are confused and frustrated by the disorganization in their lives. With it, you have a plan for your own organizing journey. It is a journey of new habits, new processes, toward a life free of the stress of disorganization. This book is about possibility and hope.

What others are saying...

I believe everyone can relate to this book on some level. It’s great for someone with serious organizing problems that may stem from other issues to people that just need some guidance and encouragement. I highly recommend printing the worksheets. I found them very useful. My stress level has been cut in half! Can’t wait for the next one from this author!
— Jenn (Amazon.com Reviewer)
I’ve been a long time listener to Nikki Kinzer’s “Taking Control: The Organizing Podcast” with Pete Wright and I was thrilled when she announced she had written a book. I love the format of following “Carol” on her journey to getting organized. The worksheets are a great way to get organized and see your progress along the way. The before and after pictures are a nice touch too. The best thing is that it’s a quick read so you can get started right away.
— S. Walton (Amazon.com Reviewer)

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Read the book in one sitting. It is midnight now, but I have an appt. on my calendar to get started tomorrow. I am excited to begin now that I have a clue how. Thank you!
— "Eager Learner" (Amazon.com Reviewer)