I'm Nikki Kinzer. I'm an ADHD coach, podcaster, and educator, and I would like to help you take control of your ADHD.


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Three Key Strategies to Being On Time! Plus: Free Daily Schedule Template


10 Things You Must Know About Organizing with ADHD

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Sorting Through the paper Chaos — For ADHD!


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Start living the life you want by capitalizing on your own strengths and learn to interact with the world in a new way.


The word I hear most often is overwhelm. It's the feeling of staring at the screen, knowing there is work to be done, but not being able to start. It's the frustration of missing appointments, the fear that hits when you realize you've forgotten to pick up your child from school.

You are not alone. 

This is where I come in. As an ADHD coach, I invite you to imagine what it would feel like to be unstuck. Imagine if you could re-write your story. Imagine a life filled with peace, love, and joy. Imagine what it would be like if ADHD didn't define you. Click through below to learn more about my services and see if we might make a connection!


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Accountability Group Coaching for ADHD


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I get it — you're just hitting your stride at odd hours  but you still have the drive to take on new challenges. That's when my online ADHD courses can help. You can develop new skills on your time, at your pace, with the trusted system of Take Control ADHD!

Organizing Time Take Control ADHD Online Course

Organizing Time with ADHD

Organizing Your Space Your Way Take Control ADHD Online Course

Organizing Your Space Your Way

The Paper Solution Take Control ADHD Online Course

The Paper Solution


Taking Control:
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Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast with Coffee

We strive to make The ADHD Podcast an invaluable resource for adults learning to live with their ADHD. 

Through Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright strive to help listeners with support, life management strategies, and time and technology tips, dedicated to anyone looking to take control of their lives in the face ADHD.


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