So ... who is this Nikki person, anyway?

Great question! So, here you go:
The not-so-tell-all bio of Nikki Kinzer!

In some way or another, I've been helping to create better living systems my whole career. 

I started in retail, as so many of us do. In fact, my undergraduate degree is in merchandising management, so I guess you could say my first career was in organizing spaces to help customers make better buying decisions. But there was something missing... 

From there, I moved into human resources, helping a major credit union to organize their people systems. But there was something missing...

So I started my own business, went back to school, and became a professional organizer, helping individuals organize their personal spaces for success. But still, there was something missing...


Then it hit me. My best clients, the people who worked the hardest, who needed my help the most, and who trusted me enough to work with me and try new things most eagerly all had one thing in common, and it was the one thing that proved to be the calling I was looking for: 


I became a certified coach through the ADD Coach Academy and ICF (International Coaching Federation). I continued my training through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, ADHD Coaches Organization, and MentorCoach. This was a complete pivot!

And, as it turns out, coaching was the right move for me.

Today, I get to help some of my very favorite people make monumental changes in their lives. We work on core strategies to help set priorities together, manage time and accountability, increase productivity, and build powerful organizing systems. I am committed to helping each of my clients understand how they can live in control — and stress free — with ADHD.

Through coaching, online training, and my long-running podcast, I have built a growing and evolving ecosystem of ADHD and organizing tools dedicated to helping people reach their goals. I am deeply honored to walk with each and every one of my clients, listeners, colleagues, and friends on this ADHD journey!


Odds & Ends


More Odds & Ends about Nikki Kinzer...

  • I love red barns. They remind me of my dear grandmother.

  • Favorite Musician: Jason Mraz

  • Favorite Films: Documentaries

  • Favorite Internet Pet Meme: Puppies! (Cat videos are fine but come on...)

  • Favorite Quite Time Activity: Puzzles. I LOVE puzzles.

  • Favorite place: The beach

  • I always get teary at acceptance speeches. Doesn't matter what the award show is, if a winner thanks their parents, I'm a goner!

  • Favorite word: Intention!

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