378: Organizing with ADHD — Part 5(ish): Addressing the Paper Piles!

It’s paper day! Dealing with your paper piles requires a unique approach that is more of a cousin to the four steps we’ve been practicing thus far. First thing to note: paper organizing has no end! Once you wrap your head around that, we can get started in building a system to efficiently categorize and stay up-to-date on the paper without becoming overrun by piles!

292: Spring ADHD Organizing Spectacular!

It’s organizing week on The ADHD Podcast! Yes, you know we love to get our act together every once in awhile, and this week, we’re doing just that with our ten favorite insights around organizing with ADHD that we’ve learned or refined in the last year. Listen in and grab your bins because it’s time for Spring Organizing!

120: 3 ADHD Strategies for Clearing Clutter

We're always on the lookout for great tips and new resources and this week we have a great one. If you're struggling with ADHD and clutter, we've got three tips for helping you make decisions and keep moving forward toward organization. As a part of our research, Nikki has been reading Nancy Ratey's, "The Disorganized Mind," which we doubly recommend you add to your ADHD reading list! This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright introduce three tips for tackling clutter and finding your center through organization. 

85: Get a handle on digital clutter, Part 3

It's impossible to manage secure passwords in your head. They're just not secure enough. That's the premise this week on the show, and Pete Wright and Nikki Kinzer are here to talk about how to create better passwords that rely on muscle memory, along with tools to manage the myriad passwords you need to carry in your life. 

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83: Get a handle on digital clutter, Part 1

Are you living the organized lifestyle? Do you know where your keys and your cellphone are right this second? Great! Now, how about your computer's desktop … is that in order? If not, you're not alone. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright talk through processes and tools that will help you start to get your digital life as organized as your real one. In this episode, we'll take on managing applications, folders for organizing work and research by workflow, and how to get started changing your digital life. 

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76: Tips for Preventing Clutter

Beware the invisible clutter. It's the stuff that gathers around you, that you grow blind to, that can cause you the greatest long-term, insidious stress. Then, one day, it'll all hit you at once. You're not alone, and you can get control of it. This week on Taking Control, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright talk about reclaiming your space from the clutter that has taken over!

22: Prevent the Purchases that Cause Clutter

We've all been there: one day you wake up and suddenly notice the gadgets, gizmos, bins, boxes, and booty that we once thought would change our world but today -- covers us in clutter! Time to make a change. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright review some new habits you can take on to prevent the purchases that cause clutter before it happens again!

15: Corralling Clutter!

Getting control of the clutter in your home starts by taking control of the way we think about stuff! From new buying habits to regular purges to cultivating the right state of mind around being organized, we can make changes we could never have imagined before. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright take on the war against clutter and offer key strategies for keeping up with the little messes in your own home.