Managing ADHD Symptoms

275: Quick and Easy Strategies to Sharpen your Memory at Work

Do you ever feel like you’re forgetting something? You’re not alone. In fact, if you’re struggling with ADHD and executive functioning challenges, you’ve probably conditioned yourself to live in a constant state of anxiety around forgetfulness. But you can get on the road to repair, and it’s likely easier than you imagine. With quick and easy tools to help you catalog the things you need to remember, you can build a trusted system that supports you day to day, year to year. This isn’t about fixing your memory. It’s about fixing the systems to support your work so you can embrace the memory you have!

270: The Pre- & Post-Diagnosis Journey with ADD Crusher Alan Brown

Let’s say it right out loud: you need to hear the story of our guest today. Alan Brown is the force behind ADD Crusher™ and Crusher™TV, helping people around the world in their journey with ADHD through his proven Brain Hack strategies and inspirational interviews. But his personal journey to understanding ADHD is a moving story and a model for coming to terms with pre-diagnosis, and making the transition to a new world post-diagnosis in our conversation today.

269: Imposter Syndrome & ADHD

If you suffer from Imposter Syndrome, you’re a high achiever in some area, though you feel as if your achievements are not the result of training, skill, and intelligence, rather your success is the result of an accident of fate, and you are constantly on the cusp of being discovered as a fraud. This is, of course, something that we all live with at some point or another, but if you’re also living with ADHD, the judgment that you put upon yourself amplifies the negative signals in and around your experience of achievement. 

266: Impulsivity & ADHD

Impulsivity is a part of the ADHD experience that offers few upsides. It represents the source of distraction, social disruption, and lack of focus that can plague so many of us. We received an email this week from a listener working through email impulsivity at work and his story — and we hope our conversation around it — proves supportive for anyone listening who is living with impulsive behavior challenges. 

256: Making Difficult Decisions with ADHD

This week we offer a follow-up to our conversation on making decisions with a twist: what about all those decisions that are even more challenging to face, with consequences beyond our daily organizing challenges? How do we condition ourselves to move through them and discover what lies on the other side? This week is dedicated to processing, researching, and making the decision to act, and discovering the tools you need to employ to condition yourself to take action!

242: Building Mini Habits for Self-care

The ADHD Podcast Mini Habits Support Self-Care Episode 242

We’re talking about building habits for self-care today! One of the most important things you can do for yourself, to take care of your self is to figure out the mechanics that help you best cement new behaviors. In that light, we’re introducing a terrific concept by way of a wonderfully approachable book. The concept, Tiny Habits. The book: Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Big Results, by Stephen Guise. Learn to build big new habits into your life through the tiniest of daily actions!

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238: Self-Care: Medication and Your ADHD with Guest Laurie Dupar

We’re continuing our series on ADHD and Self-care this week. Today, we’re digging into the sometimes thorny question of medication, and we have a fantastic guest to help us do just that: Laurie Dupar,  senior certified ADHD coach and psychiatric nurse practitioner.

234: Getting Started — Motivation & ADHD

Today, a metaphor. You’re at the top of a hill. There’s a giant ball in front of you, held up by a rock. If you kick that rock, the ball will start rolling down the hill, picking up speed and racing on its way. But you’re struggling with your ADHD. So you look at the ball, you stare at it, and try as you might, you just don’t see the rock that you need to kick.

220: Setting up a Financial Plan and Budget

Photo Credit:    "Budget"    by    GotCredit

Photo Credit: "Budget" by GotCredit

You’ve been working hard to get your day-to-day habits under control, but what about your long term strategy for your money? Are you thinking about your budget? Your savings? Retirement? This can be the most challenging to get started, but it doesn’t have to be painful — and it can even be fun! This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright talk about setting up a financial plan, the tools and resources you’ll need to start budgeting, and offer a variation on a debt reduction plan to get you saving smartly today!

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219: Reap the Rewards of ADHD Coaching Together!


Now is the time! If you've thought about joining a coaching group for support as you learn about your ADHD, today is your day. It's open enrolment in small group coaching with Nikki in ADHD Moms or ADHD Professionals groups, and thanks to great feedback from current members, we've made some changes that we're excited to share with you today. This is a brief special episode to get you up to speed — if you've been thinking about joining a group, now's the time to make it happen. Sign up today!

216: The Facts about Money and ADHD

If you’re struggling with ADHD, the data suggests you likely have trouble with money. Not only are you likely to make less money, you’re more likely to be spending it and tracking it less responsibly than your peers who aren’t faced with ADHD. It’s a harsh reality. This week on the show, we’re talking all about money, the importance of you personal financial belief systems and how to begin to find clarity in your approach to money and take back control of your saving!

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