Featured Guest Information

Thanks for joining us as a guest on Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast

We are excited that you’re participating in the ADHD Podcast series! As practitioners whose perspective we respect, we’re thrilled to have you all as featured guests on an upcoming episode. Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright host the episodes and work hard to provide conversation that is informative and entertaining.

About The ADHD Podcast

Since 2010, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright have offered support, life management strategies, and time and technology tips, dedicated to anyone looking to take control while living with ADHD.

If you’ve never heard the show, we invite you to review our library of past episodes here.

Show Content

The show is laid back and conversational. We’ll introduce ourselves, the show and the theme for the episode, and you as our featured guest.

If you have any URLs, resources or other items that you’d like to make available to the audience, please send those along to us prior to the show and we will mention them in the episode. We’ll include the links in the short description for the show.  

Show Details

Interview Runtime: 20-30 minutes

Agenda: The first part of our scheduled time together will be used to ensure sound quality and cover any questions you may have.

Format: Skype audio call. If you don’t have Skype, it’s available as a free download.

Hardware Requirements:  A simple USB headset will do perfectly. There are plenty of options out there. Please let us know if you have any questions.

We strongly recommend a wired Internet connection for the Skype call. We’ve had issues in the past with audio quality over wifi, and we want you to sound as good as you can possibly sound!

Prior to the Interview

Before the interview, we do need a few things from you if you haven’t provided them already.

  1. Send us a current headshot for show promotional use on our website.

  2. Attach or provide a link to your current detailed biography.

  3. Provide social media links (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, etc) if you’d like them shared with the post.

  4. Are there any specific notes you would like us to use to introduce you on the show, or specific areas we should avoid? Let us know.

  5. What is your Skype handle? Ours is docpete72. We can't start a three-way conversation until you connect as contacts in Skype. Please send a contact request, or be on the lookout for a contact request from us before the show. 

After the Interview

We’ll send you an email and let you know when the show is live on our site, and in the iTunes Podcast Directory. If you feel the interview lived up to your own expectations, and that we represented you well, we would appreciate you sending any cross-promotional tweets, posts, etc. to your own audience.

  1. Twitter: If you use Twitter, we’ll send you the SoundCloud link to the show, though you can feel free to send your folks directly to our page at http://www.takecontroladhd.com/

  2. iTunes: Here’s the direct link to the show in the iTunes Podcast Directory. While there are a number of ways to find the show, iTunes far and away the most popular for our listeners.

  3. We’ll post links to your online properties as appropriate in each of our show notes posts on http://takecontroladhd.com, so once you receive that link, please make sure you read and test links that point to you carefully to ensure we’re pointing to the right places for you!

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